Jean-Sébastien Morin
Jean-Sébastien MorinJean-Sébastien love of wine was born in the late 1980s, while studying and working in Europe.  Visiting small villages and taking part in colourful and boisterous food and wine festivals was a revelation.  Jean-Sébastien pursued his quest for wine enlightenment through formal studies with national and international organizations, including Algonquin College (Honours 2003).  He has taught the nationally recognized Sommelier Certificate offered by La Cité collégiale in Ottawa, Canada. 

Jean-Sébastien now resides in Prince Edward Island (PEI) where he designs wine programs for various restaurants including the Inn At Bay Fortune, one of Atlantic Canada’s premiere gastronomic destinations.  He also writes for the PEI Liquor Control Commission’s Occasions magazine and teaches wine appreciation classes.  He seeks to introduce everyone to wines that embody the soul of their place of origin and transport mind and spirit to the most amazing regions of the world.  Jean-Sébastien aims to transmit his passion for wine without forgetting that the pleasure of a glass of wine often resides in the moment and the company in which it is shared.  In his spare time Jean-Sébastien tends his vines and teaches his two and four year old sons, Maxime and Francis-Olivier about wine aromas.
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