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Tasting wineThis course is a must for every serious wine lover. Develop the skills required to grasp the art of wine tasting. This course will enable you to continue your development for your Sommelier certificate or build confidence in your tasting abilities by better recognizing and understanding the various components of wine. Comprehend and apply techniques used by professionals, expand your personal perceptions of various aromas and flavours and become proficient at identifying the more common faults found in wine. Tuning up your senses and acquiring descriptor profiles for aromas and flavours will enable you to express your assessment in a more organized manner. A "must have" for future classes and at structured tastings, even past graduates will appreciate the refresher. Evaluating wines like the professionals, making sound purchasing decisions and recommendations can only be achieved once you know how to properly taste wine.

Prerequisites: None

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Students must be 19 years of age in order to register.
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